Smart Device Charging Zone

“Home organization central” used to consist of a wall calendar, paperwork, the mail and the kids’ school bulletins. The home computer wasn’t yet important enough to be the disrupter of designated larger space in the kitchen because you couldn’t take it with you. 


Today, our smart phone can help us manage work, social and family calendars along with all our other devices- smart speakers, tablets, laptops and power packswhich don’t take up much room, but are always looking to dock and recharge.


Every family has specific needs and habits around how they store, charge and monitor online activity so we are always looking for ways to help clients figure out what the new “drop zone” means to them. The “off the shelf” device charging solution is something you can find online. We have installed one before, but here is a generic online version. Drawer power comes in many combinations and prices so the device itself will cost from $100 – $400 before installation. This is a great solution for all of you folks that want NOTHING on the counter.


In a recently completed kitchen renovation in Newton, the parent of two teens needed lots of space to house all things electronic. The client, who works in technology, was discussing the everchanging USB power and how modern outlets charge faster so she opted for a hidden bar receptacle with a combination of plugs and USB ports.


For the uber-organized you can purchase a stacking unit online that can be left on the counter. Smart devices are here to stay so finding ways to make space for them and build them into our lives is something we can help find a solution to.


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