Sometimes We All Need “A Place to Turn”

When the going gets tough, our local food banks see an increase demand put on their services with more families sheltering in place.

Due to this increase one of our long-standing community helpers, A Place to Turn, can use a little extra help.
The Wiese Company has supported A Place to Turn for years helping with remodeling, raising money for Ride for Food, clothing and food drives and most recently creating a work station and new phone to help the staff maintain a healthy distance while meeting the needs of the community.
Because of the restrictions on social distancing they have been forced to modify the way the way the public can help with food donations. The pantry had to hold off on food donations but is accepting monetary donations and gift cards to offset the cost of groceries. If you can afford donating some the savings you have experienced from reduced commuting, dining out or your daily coffee fix please consider paying it forward. You may donate here The good news is this exceptional weather is allowing their raised be gardens to flourish with healthy produce.


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