"Sparking Joy" in the Your Home

Marie Kondo, is the home consultant who believes the art of “less is more”, getting organized, but above all determining if something sparks joy in your life or not.

This fall as we settle back in to life inside; and now more than ever, it’s important to have your home spark joy as we navigate more inside time with less “going out or travel” time.


People are cleaning stuff out of their homes at a rapid pace right now which is an indicator of early fall clean-up, trying to find and their walls… and the breathing room in their homes (literally and figuratively). The key room of the home that needs to spark joy now more than ever is the kitchen. We write constantly about this hub of the home and for good reason-it is the workhorse. You want to find more efficiency in your kitchen, but may not be ready to use Marie Kondo’s art of minimizing all you need. If you have cabinets that don’t allow you the space to organize dishware or a pantry that only holds 50% of your groceries you may want more storage without running to the basement for the large stock pot you are using more frequently.

Designing a smart and joyful kitchen is as much an art form as a well-organized closet or drawer is. There are simple additions like lighting, a window, a colorful backsplash or cabinet hardware that can lighten a mood so imagine what the heavy-lifting part of kitchen renovation can do for one’s spirits. In a recent kitchen renovation for a busy family in Dover, the renovation was complete before the pandemic began… but the joy on the mother’s face when we returned for some tune-ups recently was more than satisfying to see how much a well-functioning and beautiful space could do for the entire family!


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