Stairs That Connect

Stairs can make many design statements in a home. Think of all the different movie scenes that have a bride slowly descending, or a parent looking to the front door from the upper landing; and all the different drama that a set of stairs can add to the environment. 


While not everyone has a strong desire to create a focal point with something that provides so much utility, it is worth a look if you are adding a set or doing a major renovation.
While designing a custom home for a couple that wanted some features that aren’t standard. One idea was drawn with stairs that presented a great transition from the first floor to the second floor and also was open to the lower level. The owners loved the idea of something that made a strong connection to all three levels… sort of a connection of the home without one big open floor plan. In subsequent ideas it was finally placed just off the main entrance where arriving guests would feel the unique connection and architecture of the home.  
Just for fun, here are some photos we found while traveling… maybe you’ll get some inspiration for what you want your journey between floors to feel like.


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