Summer Sojourn, Stonington CT

Summer Sojourn, Stonington CT

Architectural influencers for New England can be easiest to spot in some of the earliest settlements; including the small costal town of Stonington, CT. 


Ray found some architectural gems during his summer travels to West Point, NY, Connecticut, New Hampshire and the coastal roads of Maine. There were few places where the concentration of well-kept early colony homes can be found, so if you enjoy that sort of thing… try Stonington, CT. Originally a small Portuguese fishing village where fishing still remains a trade today, there now resides people looking for a quiet coastal place to live with a tangible charm that isn’t full of tourists.


Luckily, most of the town’s historical architecture has been beautifully preserved for visitors to admire. As you walk through downtown you can feel the eclectic and familiar combination of the working-class residences and the more decorative and distinguished homes of the more prominent townspeople. Here are some examples of the architecture you can see while wandering through the quaint streets. With fall upon us it is a great time to take a day trip and take in these reminders of our past, and perhaps be inspired for your future renovations.


The Capt. Nathaniel B. Palmer House ia a transitional style between Greek Revival and Victorian Italianate (pictures courtesy of the Town of Stonington). The detail at the entry is unquestionably a blend Corintian meets fussy corbels. The image belows show a coupla which all estate houses in the area had in the day. Funfact: These couplas would be lit at dusk to alert nearby family who would be hosting cocktail hour.


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