The Ideal Shower Size

Master baths are one of the most popular renovations in the home and for good reason- it is one room that is a place that can be enjoyed alone! If space affords the opportunity to rethink the lay-out, we often hear clients ask, “We would like to enlarge the shower”.


So, what is the right size for you? While there is no magic number, we have found that there is surely the “too small” shower and there is also the “too big” shower depending on how things are designed.


Things we like to take into account while designing showers take are any special needs that should be incorporated into the design. Does the client want to include; steam, a bench, foot rest for leg shaving, accessibility… and how much shampoo?


The most popular request for super-size showers is because we have some clients who could play for the NFL or NBA. I am definitely not going to argue with someone who is 6’-6” that is asking for more elbow room. There have also been cases where the owners want to incorporate a shower for two for a multitude of reasons like getting out the door at the same time. The largest shower we have ever designed was for a client who each had their own particular desires in water delivery and storage… the result a 5’ x 6’4 shower with vaulted ceiling! Coincidentally, this couple then moved to a Highrise in Boston and first on the list was to make the shower larger by removing an existing tub.


What to consider for size:

·       Just because large showers are in vogue, don’t make anything in your home arbitrarily large.

·       The bigger the shower, the longer it takes to heat up… and in our biggest shower ever, the client told me with the combination of the size and vaulted ceiling it could be chilly in there without being under the water.

·       Ergonomics matter… make sure the things you need are close at hand so you are not walking to get more shampoo.

An average size American (using my 6’ even at 200lbs as the example) can enjoy a restriction free experience in a multitude of sizes like 4x4, 3 ½ x 5 (which is typical for an accessible shower). In the end, your individual experience is all that matters to us though. Happy quiet time!



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