The New Traditional

The New Traditional

“The new traditional” is a concept that we find ourselves debating as designers… well, Ray was actually trying to define the trend of how minimalism found a place during the great recession; after the use of “transitional” became cliché for the modern/traditional fusion in design. 


We are seeing some of that traditional color and architecture increase in the design without going full on Roman/Greek structure. Is this phenomenon where clients want to pick from multiple design styles both because they appreciate design influences on both ends of the spectrum? Or is it that Transitional design is bending back to so many classic design cues with a fresh look.


As designers it is our job to listen to the client, help them find a solution that creates a lifestyle and design aesthetic that will have lasting value, and make sure whatever the desired look its, the content is unified in a way that it doesn’t come across as a mis-match of styles.  We are also frontline witnesses as trends emerge and blend into client’s existing aesthetics.

Below, the island is constructed with strong square legs that are clean except for the molding with a backdrop of panels that finish off the rear of the island cabinetry. The pair of French-inspired lanterns warms the look and adds a touch of traditional, and the Owner selected a modern stool that mixes furniture art with interior architecture.


Below, Mid-century kitchen dining lives harmoniously with the soft greys and burnished gold lighting. The clean lines of the cabinets and streamlined hardware provide contemporary uniformity complimented by detailed trim, the movement on the counter top and the shades on the dinette lighting. There is an upscale yet casual feeling with the balance in this space between furnishings and the built-ins.


Hoods have also become part of this trend. While the custom hood in this kitchen is very classic, the cabinetry with its recessed panels and center rail provide the synergy of the textured, beautiful and monolithic presence of the backsplash.


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