The Process Matters

“Anything worth doing” … you know the rest. The Wiese Company works under the belief that heavy lifting on the front end leads to a more enjoyable process on the back end.


Below is our process broken down into the five stages. While each phase is important to the process, the Concept Design Phase is the one that has the most impact and value to our clients because it helps with the discovery of all the small items that together will create the synergy that is vital to the overall plan. It is the first time a home owner can see words and ideas translated into tangible drawings and 3D views.


In the background, the designers create the blank slate from your existing home after they measure interior and exterior that is a part of the overall renovation plan. One of the key elements to this phase is that as a design team, we initially work independently to solve the owner’s objectives (lifestyle and aesthetics) and present three to four solutions. Great listening skills combined with professional training and experience allow the owner to see approaches they didn’t know were possible in many cases, so we get to help the owner become an integral part of the overall design. All in all, it is one of the most exciting phases of the design build process for both the designer and potential client because of the common goal to achieve the right plan.


Below are four unique concepts for a Dover kitchen remodel. The client chose design A4 for the initial concept and from it continued to be refined and tweaked until all needs were met- down to adding the additional last counter stool to make it four!

The Wiese Company Design Build Process

Exploration Phase | Meet, Listen, Tour & Talk
Let’s connect to discuss your ideas and view the space. We’ll share our insights on a design and budget strategy to take your project from inspiration to reality.

Concept Design Phase | Bringing Your Wish List to Life
Using copious notes from our conversation and understanding of your lifestyle will enable our design team to provide concepts that solve your desired objectives. Your feedback is valued and crucial to narrow down a conceptual plan that works—and you love—before getting into more complex design tasks.

Budgeting Phase | Number Crunching (we got this)
Yes, we actually know what’s behind those walls; we’ve worked on every type of New England home, including those dating back to pre-Revolution times! With a sound conceptual plan and site visits by our team of specialty tradesmen, we can build an accurate budget that will steer the project in the right direction.

Design Phase | Construction Documents, Design & Details
Collaborate with your designer in the way that’s most comfortable for you and your schedule. Shop on your own, have the designer personal shop for you, or do it together. While working on the detailed construction plans, we will guide you through all your finishes from plumbing and lighting fixtures to tile design and paint colors. We handle cataloging of all your selections and manage all the ordering.

Construction Phase | On Time, On Budget...On with Life!
A solid partnership yields a predictable and enjoyable construction process. With on-site weekly meetings including a project Lead Carpenter and your designer, we’ll finish when we said for the amount we agreed on.



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