The Tipping Point: Kitchen Renovation

The Tipping Point: Kitchen Renovation

You are not alone in wanting to update your kitchen. It is probably one of the most satisfying things to get done, and here are the top five reasons why.'


  1. Function

    Functionality ranks very high because the kitchen is the nucleus of our home. We know when things are not working for us because it is an older kitchen or one designed for the previous owner’s lifestyle. We also know when things are not working-period. Most people purchase their first home moving from a smaller apartment. Remember how that felt? “This place has plenty of space!” Then your family grows, and there is not enough storage space for lunchboxes, water bottles and everyone’s favorite cereal. Not to mention room at the kitchen island, if one even exists.

  2. Malfunctioning appliances

    According to the National Association of Home Builders/Bank of America Home Equity Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components (that’s a mouthful); gas ranges have the longest life expectancy: 15 years. Dryers and refrigerators last about 13 years. Some of the appliances with the shortest lifespan are: compactors (6 years), dishwashers (9 years) and microwave ovens (9 years). Wondering about any other appliances in your house check out more appliances “by the numbers” here. Below is the digital display for a recently installed microwave wall unit that replaced the dated countertop model- the cool factor is the customizable backgrounds that allow you to infuse a little art into your appliances

  3. Lighting

    Nothing is more frustrating when you are trying to complete a task, but don’t have sufficient lighting. A lot of older kitchens have poor lighting- sparsely placed by the developer to save money, or just a common occurrence of anything in the 70s or before. Today lighting plans are complex and drawn to ensure there is light focused on areas of the kitchen where tasks are performed and enough ambient lighting to enjoy the space without the use of bright light and in layers to create less eye fatigue. Read more about types of lighting scenarios.

  4. Aesthetics

    There are things about our living spaces that after time can drive us all to distraction. Some say the need to renovate is the result of coming to their breaking point with parts of a space that are utterly displeasing. When other times you are simply ready to infuse your own style into your spaces. Read more about where to save or splurge in your kitchen renovation. With every trend, there is a downtrend. Is it the white or black appliances diving you nuts? That green granite in the kitchen still lingering from the 90s? It’s been a while since we removed anything avocado… but you get the idea. It is always nice to take advantage of the latest in appliances- energy efficiency, the digital age or otherwise.

  5. General wear and tear

    No room in the house experiences more wear and tear than your kitchen. There isn’t a cabinet that goes unopened for long, every appliance gets its fair share of use and as the hub of the house the kitchen becomes not only a place for meal prep, but everything else including art projects, an occasional soccer field and entertaining central. With all that use come cabinets that no longer close properly and are misaligned from years of opening from one end of the pull, or nicks and dents in paint and millwork.


Whatever the reason for your renovation the kitchen is one of the most satisfying places to start because it benefits the entire family and generally sees the greatest impact of overall lifestyle improvement.Take a look at a ten week remodel time lapse and experience the transformation.


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