The World Changes and Business Changes with It

The world will change – and sometimes make a hard turn without notice, and as a business the one thing that we can do is be consistent with our care for others.

We all have weathered many storms and we intend to ‘keep on keeping on’ in the best way we know how- keeping our staff and the homes of our clients safe while creating great places to live in.

Now may not be the time one would consider a new project… but surely any challenges in your home are more evident than ever with a houseful of…. everyone. While you are working online, we are working online as well. From product selections to design meetings; sharing the screen with clients to show future decks and porches, kitchens and baths. If there is work you know you will want when the kids are back to school, let us know and we can work with safe and sound to get things started… beyond arm’s length!

If you have any home repairs that need fixing now, we are here with fully trained and sanitized staff that will appreciate the work.  With the rigorous methods we use to keep the dust out, we can seal off almost any space in your home… or come up with the right solution to enter unconventionally.

Be safe, and be well, and get the kids outside!


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