Trade Know-How

Trade Know-How

Halloween is over, but we can still share some Tricks or Treats…of the trade.

We have met so many talented people who become clients as well as collaborators with our design team during the renovation process. Most people want to participate because they want a truly meaningful experience and result and because of the passion stirred by the plethora of design inspiration available to the public today. That’s not to say we don’t have clients that want and understand this isn’t their forte and are content leaving the majority of decisions to the experts. Understanding what help you want or need will help you find the right professional for you. Below are some of the design trade skills and experience that will help you understand what a professional can bring to the table.

  1. A fresh eye. Our advantage is that we haven’t been experiencing your pain points and it is very common that someone dealing with a challenge has been fast at work trying to solve it, but isn’t sure where to start. Professionally trained designers start with a clean slate and an objective to help the customer find the intended outcome with less personal paradigms in the way.

  2. Advantags to experience. There are advantages to solving similar design issues, the longer you play any game the faster you are at creating a strategy. We have also (most of us) suffered “the bad idea” learning curve in our less experienced years- so we may be able to offer insight about why we might seek an alternative (lighting plan, appliance layout etc.).

  3. Formal training. There is an abundance of information on the web that can offer a look into how to solve a problem, but we are never able to define what some of the advantages our educational background are until we entered into conversations with other trades. Landscape architects know how they want the exterior to look and flow with the home and also have the knowledge of so many varieties of plants and other materials that create the synergy, as well as a vision of how things will look once mature. On another end of the spectrum, our branding firm created a visual for our next generation of our public appearance, and could explain why it embodied our values. We as designers publish articles on where and why to put windows, but every project that involves windows will probably also involve many other aspects of scale, utility and colors/textures that require an overview to help achieve the clients dream in the space they have and that is why each project we add to our portfoilo can help inform the next.

Hiring a designer should provide you with a service that pays for itself in more than a few ways. Often we find solutions to existing floorplans that won’t require adding on or on the otherhand can make an addition more beneficial. Having long-standing relationships with materials and fixture vendors can help by knowing who the dependable players are that will deliver on time and as promised.


If you look through our portfolio it would be worth noting that we don’t live by a “Wiese Company Style”, we strive to bring each customer a unique experience with lasting and thoughtful input.


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