Trends from Design and Construction Week 2015

The most relevant word in home design for 2015 is simplicity. That was the resounding theme at this year’s Design and Construction Week, so let’s look at what this means for what I believe will forge the next trend cycle in home design, and the kitchen and bath styles for some time.


First, the word simplicity or simplify was used in many contexts during so many different conferences and product displays; from consumer needs to have an easier process when seeking help in home renovations, to the design styles that are more in favor today with less “fuss”. We all recognize that our schedules are getting more filled, but it isn’t all bad news. We attend more sport events that our children are involved in, visit with family, or donate more time to our community in search of balance, not necessarily looking to do less- just living more full lives.  


During an advisory board meeting I sit on, I chatted with a major player for DuPont North America. He shared that their group just wrapped up a major study to understand every step of the consumer’s decision matrix from thinking about a new kitchen or bath all the way through the completion of the project. It was remarkable that the most valuable things we are looking for is an enjoyable experience that is “simple” and easy, and that we can have a space done with as little effort as possible so that we don’t become consumed with. Of course there are other things we all want such as value, service etc., but we all want things to be easier.

On the design side of all this is the continued trend for “transitional”.  What started off as a buzzword marking the mix of modern/simple design with a splash of traditional has evolved into what resembles “postmodern meets 2015”. If you go online to look at products you can confirm that transitional is more than established as a design style by finding it in the filters on most sites right next to contemporary and traditional. Soft color palettes, white bedding, sleeker cabinet styles with a touch of classic marble are all things that have lasting design value and resonate with what we are looking for right now, “simplicity”.


One of the things I pride myself on is that our team is never complacent about the changing needs of our customers. This winter we are challenging ourselves to make our process even more enjoyable and easier for you… because there is always room for improvement.


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