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It shouldn’t be any surprise that there are cabinet manufacturers that ship to the U.S. It may be easy to identify some of the low cost/ low quality features of those big box DIY retailers, but there are other things to consider when purchasing imports. 


In the United States we have limits on formaldehyde levels and labor practices that protect the workers manufacturing the product. Our staff has made visits to the facilities where our cabinets are made and we can see for our own eyes- the people, the process and the interest our vendors have in providing some of the best products out there. “Made in America” has a certain reliability ring to it. Companies that tout the tag are proud to manufacture here; and service fellow-Americans, and there is a pride in that.


The cabinets featured in our Sherborn showroom and used in our renovation projects are made in America. PLATO WOODWORK is a 125-year old company based in rural Minnesota. Plato prides itself on some of the most demanding tolerances for measurements, uses the finest materials and takes great care of their people with one of the cleanest cabinet facilities in the country.


Showplace Cabinetry is a 100% employee-owned company based in South Dakota. Showplace was founded on the principle that everyone that works there should have the chance to be invested in the success and quality of their product. Their success is a direct result of their efforts and they continue to hone their assortment to offer a highly customized cabinet offering at a mid-market price point.


Below are examples of custom kitchen cabinetry from both Plato and Showplace for client renovations in Wellesley, Sherborn and Holliston.


Showplace Cabinetry: Full overlay Cherry with Truffle stain in Milan slab door style and painted in White II also in Milan slab door style in Holliston.


And a soon to be happy kitchen renovation in Needham where the homeowners chose custom cabinetry from Showplace. They chose inset in White II in the Pendleton door style. It is the simple details that are selected throughout all of these styles that make each unique- an intricate molded edge or bevel along with wood grain, paint color and hardware can make a statement all your own.


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