Wall-Mounted Toilets

Wall-Mounted Toilets

Wall-mounted toilets are nothing new in Europe. Primarily born because this is the easiest way to run plumbing in ancient buildings where floor access is made from concrete and stone, and the words “plum, level or square” aren’t used to describe the existing conditions. 


When we are designing spaces that can benefit from some extra space, or moving the toilet would otherwise not be possible without this set up, we like to suggest a wall-mounted toilet as we did in a Newton master bath renovation when the client desired a more spacious shower.`


Comparison of depth for a wall-mounted toilet vs. tradtional toilet with tank.


Some misconceptions with wall-mounted toilets are that they may be frail (prone to being pulled off the wall), they are difficult to service, or that they don’t have tanks. The most common objection though is that they are only used in contemporary baths- and Kohler plumbing company may help with that. The hardware that is hidden for wall hung toilets includes a very sturdy steel frame and a water tank that all get hidden in the wall- even a 2×4 wall installation can be achieved by some models. This steel frame is bolted to the house framing, and the toilet becomes very sturdy. The push buttons used to flush the toilet creates the service opening for future maintenance so you need not worry about having to remove the walls if the water keeps running.


Behind the wall mechanics of a wall hung toilet.


The pros:

  • Saves space and makes more room for other things like extra space to move around in the bath or larger showers to name a couple.
  • Easy to clean the floor around the toilet- a bonus for anyone with a house full of boys.
  • A clean design that doesn’t dictate the mood of the bath.
  • Allow more freedom to move the toilet location in renovations where this can have a major impact.


The cons:

  • They are about $1,000 more with the extra parts and installation.
  • The bowl choices are somewhat more limited.


At the end of the day at least the toilet is now off the ground allowing easier cleaning because “it is fun cleaning toilets” said no one ever!


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