Water-Friendly, Pocket-Friendly Fixtures and Appliances

Among the many important factors in choosing the right fixtures and appliances is the growing importance water conservation. Whether you are in the mood to be green or undertaking a remodeling project, water-efficient fixtures and appliance can make a big impact on saving water, and your money too.


According to WaterSense, an EPA partnership program, the average household spends as much as $500 per year on its water and sewer bill and in some areas of the county much more. By making just a few simple changes to use water more efficiently, you could save approximately 35% on your annual costs. If all U.S. households installed water-efficient appliances and fixtures, the country would save more than 3 trillion gallons of water and more than $18 billion dollars per year! Also, when we use water more efficiently, we reduce the need for costly water supply infrastructure investments and new wastewater treatment facilities.

If one out of every 100 American homes retrofitted with water-efficient fixtures, we could save about 100 million kWh of electricity per year—avoiding 80,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That is equivalent to removing nearly 15,000 automobiles from the road for one year!

If 1 percent of American homes replaced their older, inefficient toilets with more efficient  models, the country would save more than 38 million kWh of electricity—enough to supply more than 43,000 households electricity for one month.

To help you understand just how much you can save by installing water-efficient products in your home, visit the WaterSense Savings Calculator.


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