We Are In This With You!

Everyone is doing their part to help local businesses crawl out of the foxholes they safely existed in, or in some cases the business that were out on patrol doing essential work in challenging times. 

We are grateful for the generous people in the communities we serve or serve us in the case of tipping heavily, the server who now brings dinner to our car window. Some have paid it forward making an extra effort to support the local food pantry. When we re-opened; we received encouraging e-mails, well wishes and thankfully; work that would keep our staff employees helping in the economic recovery.
I’d like to share some of the good we experienced when I reached out to a small group in my network. I needed to come up with anything our folks could do returning to a job that had zero prospective projects and zero leads for about two months while everyone was abruptly shut in. In an effort to do more than use the payroll protection program as a low interest loan, we networked a lot! An acquaintance heard that I offered to do some gratis work on homes for folks in need through a local organization she worked with… so she asked me to build her a deck if I could wait on a home equity loan that was delayed because of COVID. The experience of a good old-fashioned handshake deal was so uplifting… and we had a weeks’ worth of work for people that don’t like to stay home.
Many of our existing clients threw out suggestions for work they might need or asked us to let them know what work their home needed. In many cases… their home needed very little, and that too was also very uplifting. There is more “good” in our world than the news has to show us right now and I hope we can all be grateful and or appreciative of those things that happen during despite our current situation. We were able to get our staff back to work and finish projects that were open. We are seeing people who want and can manage to start the larger projects returning to our roster.
While things are a bit uncertain right now, we are working to make the process more streamlined and accessible for everyone to help make home improvements you need possible. While some of the benefits of renovating will be focused on the short term, we will help to make sure that your “at home” lifestyle is something that will be the best vacation dollars you can spend for the now with long term solutions… no extra tips required. If you have any suggestions on services our team can offer that would help us all get through this summer and fall, please let us know. We would appreciate (as always) any referrals you can help with, since most of our business is repeat or referral. We will not let you down if we hear from a friend or colleague.  
Having experienced rapid scaling through other challenging times, we know how to be agile to serve you through this (ask Ray… he is still at the helm). We thank you for your continued support, and are here if there is anything we can help with, even if it is to let you know… you don’t need that right now!


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