WFH (Working From Home)- an acronym that took a while to figure out when it came on the scene almost a month ago.

Unless you have recently renovated you are likely just finding your way around your kitchen again. Not because you don’t use it all every day, but because you are using it in a whole new way “Working From Home.” If you thought it was command central before you are seeing it as the new living room, dining, room and office all rolled into one. I can’t tell you how many people I have spoken to say they are working from “the kitchen” because someone is in the home office and with multiple kids needing something the kitchen seems like the most convenient spot.
And with that said, functionality in a kitchen becomes key. Allowing room for working at a table, a counter, and space for a meal in progress is important to give a family the feeling of togetherness without being on top of each other. We think that when the dust settles home renovations may climb to make kitchens an even more functional part of everyday living just like the tv/family served us when it came into vogue in the 70’s.


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