What About Grout?

What About Grout?

Grout may not seem like something you should spend a lot of time on during a kitchen or bath renovation when there are so many other choices to make, but...

the devil is in the details. Tile choices are more than abundant in sizes, shapes, materials and colors that the trend for many years was to find a grout that blends in. Enter the textural era and grout can be found taking center stage. Other things have changed besides style. We used to be limited to standard grout and very difficult to work with epoxy if the client wanted to avoid stans. In all of our project we specify Perma-color grout with built-in sealants that mean you can throw caution to the wind with color and size without worry.


Form & Function

A good grout color choice can enhance your tile choice by emphasizing the size and pattern and become an additional architectural element. Some considerations for grout color can include whether you want to call attention to the lines within the tile layout or let the tiles take center stage. The more contemporary the space, the bolder and darker you may go, but by simply reducing the size of the grout line you can still achieve a more modern aesthetic while keeping it minimalistic.

It is not surprising that most folks still worry that white grout in your shower or bathroom floor will stain. While it is true that these areas will show dirt more readily, they won’t stain. That still leaves the option of deciding the look based on your personal pet peeves.

We don’t often see color used in grout selection, but the many neutral shades from white to putty and charcoal to gray offer a wide range of choices. Including grout selection in tandem with your tile selection will assure you that the two are harmonious in your renovation design.

And now you will be a grout critic in every kitchen and bath you enter! Any homes in particular you can think of with unique grout choices?


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