What Does Custom Mean Anymore?

What Does Custom Mean Anymore?

“Custom” has become a bit of a cliché. Everything from chopped motorcycles to outdoor bar-b-q’s have their own television show and a following for people...

that want something unique. The kitchen and bath business; being more mainstream than funky motorcycles, has a long list of misnomers when the custom word is used. If you look through our portfolio of projects it is apparent that we endeavor to create a unique aesthetic even if it isn’t readily obvious because the change could be more ergonomics-based and lead to a shift in lifestyle and traffic flow within the home.


The “custom cabinet” paradigm has a lot of room for misinterpretation. Many good cabinet manufacturers can now offer more customizable sizing with widths, depths and features that have put a dent in the locally made cabinet custom market. Because modern automated processes allow for slight changes in a production run, you can get a cabinet that meets any ceiling height with a slight increase in price. There still remains a noticeable…. to very different appearance, function and offerings between those good customizable cabinets (sometimes referred to as semi-custom) and a fine cabinet maker where every little detail is paid attention to. Each detail can be specified by cabinetmakers we work with- from chamfered edges to wood valances to hide under cabinet lighting, we can make most every product we specify to look fully built-in to look more like furniture even for the most discerning client.


Custom can be created in your project best by using a unique combination of design elements that create a cohesive environment. A blend of solid interior architecture, balance, texture, color and WOW items like a great lighting fixture. Our advice is to look for the quality level that suits your taste in all the elements that are part of your need, and avoid being fixated on making the project focused on a one off item that will swallow up your budget while dictating an entire process around it… remember the faucet brought to the architect and is told “design the house around this”.


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