What is Knurling?

What is Knurling?

We have had a knurled kitchen faucet in our showroom for quite some time and is often a conversation starter because of its simple detail that you don’t readily see until you are up close to it. 


It can add some industrial style while making this faucet easier to hold on to with soapy hands. Knurling is a pattern of cross crosses that is rolled into a metal surface to allow better grip on what would typically be a smooth surface where it becomes both a functional and decorative detail. Have you seen it in other applications? You bet, but they are not typically home fixtures and more often found on the grips of darts and the foot pegs of BMX bicycles.


You may consider this unique application on your next knob, pull or faucet when you renovate! It was chosen in a recent master bath that has some terrific transitional and artistic undertones to it- we can’t wait to reveal the bath that is in its final stages and highlight the chosen faucet. These examples are from Restoration Hardware in case you are ready for an immediate change in your decor!


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