What is Your Home Need?

One of the most used clichés of all time was quoined by the Greek philosopher, Plato. “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

When our routine and circumstance change dramatically, we seek ways to adjust- that is human nature. Right now, some of you are planning on doing nothing and some of us are struggling to get something big done! Just remember what Plato said and don’t let what may be a short-term remedy become a short-sighted solution. Thoughtful designs will ease today’s challenges and provide tomorrow’s good memories; ultimately, that is what lasting design does.
A new deck or outside space will allow for outdoor entertaining when we can entertain again. Right now, it will add a new room that we can enjoy just as soon as the pollen passes! It can entice you to remain outside in open air longer, and feeling just as comfortable as your living room with the right design elements.
Touchless faucets. This was a new technology a few years ago and perhaps will have a resurgence in popularity allowing people to wash their hands with one less touch point and need to disinfect. What’s more- lots of companies make touchless soap dispensers too. Washing hands always was important and always will be- problem solved!
While we spent less time packing up the kids to play with friends outside this spring, a mudroom will still have value for helping keep stray sneakers organized and swimming supplies at the ready! And one day organized sports will return and remodeling a mudroom will be one less ball to try and keep in the air when life is back in full swing.
A Positive Note
We are beginning to receive updates from many of our client resources that they are re-opening. Clarke Showroom in Boston plans to open June 1 by appointment only. The Tile Store we have been visiting by strict appointment will be able to offer longer hours soon. We have become better communicators with other resources still getting what we need when we need it.  And we have become closer to our community… thanks to those who have invited us in recently. Ray especially appreciated the “air hug” from Louis this week! Be well.


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