What’s New in Bathroom Luxury

Showers are still the most sought after luxury item in bathroom renovation. There are a few things that have changed since this trend started. In the 90’s increasing the showers size was the main goal … of course as large as possible, while fitting the over-sized jetted tub into the design.  After big-sized showers, amenities such as steam, body sprays and built in benches started emerging.


Like most things, evolution has a way of making things better. For starters, body sprays have been replaced with a second hand-held shower. These are great for leg shaving and rinsing down the shower. You can also use this hand-held on an adjustable arm if you want to point the massage setting at your lower back… and with proper volume control you can have both heads operating simultaneously. Rain heads are making a big inroad… probably due to options that make them more control in pressure and less expensive than the early models. If you are going to have one of these heads, make sure you check out the pressure and volume for these units and that you have proper water supply as part of your renovation.


We still install benches — both storage and foot rests — so that leg shaving is safer and easier. As for the jetted tub, with our more hectic lives today, a nice soaking tub without the ½ hour fill time and noisy motor is a more Zen like experience.


So Happy Bathing!


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