What's the Rub on the Tub?

I hope; or think, the whole talking point about adding a tub or replacing a tub in the master is an outdated argument.

Like so many other trends there are times when soaking tubs are more popular and I think the best reason to add a tub is if you want one! It is true, in some homes a buyer might expect the option based on the price tag or the square footage, but if everything is in scale, it won’t make or break a deal. So, what are the reasons a tub might be right for you?

·  You enjoy a soak for any number of reasons; the escape, the wellness, the sense of self-care.

·  You want it to be part of your environment. Sure, you may only take the twice a year plunge… but you want the option and aesthetic.

·  You have triplets and they don’t all fit in the family bath!

There are a lot choices if you decide to go with a tub. A decked-in version may offer a more practical solution and can sometimes work to combine an architectural element. Freestanding tubs are very popular right now because there are more choices than the clawfoot version (which are still lovely). With larger showers being the most popular ask in today’s bath renovations it leaves less square footage so sometimes the choice is a compromise based on the fixture we will likely use more.


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