What's Your Hot Button?

There are options when renovating bathrooms that can be must have for some and “no thank you” for others. While some trends have had staying power, everyone has their preference no matter how strong the popular opinion is. Here is a list of items that can get a reaction- what’s your hot button?


Floating Vanities

The postmodern and modern enthusiast’s love floating vanities. They allow easy cleaning, are minimal and help with modern design horizontal movements. These vanities are strong influencers in the space and can feel too contemporary, even for the transitional crowd.  In a good modern design this is one of those long-lasting classic trends with clean lines and many choices in tops, materials and hardware.


Large-Scale Wall Tiles

The pendulum swings from small mosaic to large format and suddenly things feel new and fresh. The large format tiles allow for a greater sense of calm as the texture of the tile will tell the story in lieu of a texture delivered by variations and grout lines. We have installed 24x24 marble tiles in traditional as well as modern spaces so there are no limits as long as scale is evenly distributed in the space. Bonus? Less grout equals easier to clean!


Free Standing Tubs

A question when removing the jet tub and pedestal popular in the 80’s and early 90’s is what to replace it with. We recommend tubs when there’s plenty of real estate and if the person renovating is actually going to use it. You know who you are… so don’t succumb to some myth about re-sale if you are not going to soak. The clean lines of flat bottom tubs and the extra inches of soaking depth means tubs are offered in shorter lengths, but deeper so these are great options if space is a concern. Free standing tubs can make a bath with the right space instantly take on a spa feeling and we are confident the freestanding tub is here for the long haul.


Smart Toilets

Likely these are the last words you expect to see next to each other. Some trends are formed based on the human experience; so, when germs take center stage, and toilet paper is rationed, this trend saw an up-tick. Smart toilets are combining the luxury of a bidet into the toilet allowing for an overall more pleasant experience and a space saving option in the bath. Heated seat, multiple cleaning options, heated air dry, and handsfree flush- these are only a few of the features available on these new models! But some still say “no way!”


Wood Grain Ceramic Tiles

This is a trend that took root about five years ago and is staying the course if not overused. The ability to mimic natural hardwood and the trend of now mimicking distressed woods has added to its life span. There is also a trend towards more natural looking materials so this checks that box as well. And what makes this a great choice for baths? There is no better material for a bathroom floor than porcelain tile for durability, resistance to bacteria and ease of cleaning. While some eat this trend up others feel they either want hardwood or a decorative tile. We look back in our portfolio CIRCA 2015 and found the bath with clients who were ahead of the curve…  wood tile, barn door and rustic wood… and it still looks great!



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