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Remodeling, like many endeavors, can offer economies of scale when you are having work done, and some things are scalable (no cost difference to do it now or later).

For some folks, neither is important if they just want to make sure they have everything done that they want done so they can briskly move through the disturbance remodeling can cause to everyday life.


Economies of Scale

A great example of an economy of scale is in part what led to the McMansion era in homes… once you hit the optimum price per square foot- there is no better time to ad on like the present. A good example in home renovations is the powder room adjacent to the kitchen. If you do this in unison there are economies that could save 10-20% on the cost of the powder room because of certain things like minimal plastering, singular permitting, dust protection etc. We also usually do this in the same timeframe as it takes to do the kitchen alone… and you won’t have to have construction in your home for that one item later.




What is scalable?

A common add on project that clients always ask about are new windows. If we are doing a whole house renovation, then it only makes sense for this to be part of making the home “new again”.  But if you are having a new addition constructed and also have your eye on windows, the most important decision will be which manufacturer is best. Window replacement is very scalable and there typically isn’t much cost difference in the now or later decision.


If we are at your home to look at anything, we are more than happy to help you navigate what to do for the best strategy over time! Below is a before picture of the feature image above. We have worked with this family over a couple remodels and each time we looked for ways to make the most of the budget and economies of scale.





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