Who’s Knocking at Your Door

Who’s Knocking at Your Door

Ready or not, here they come! As the sun starts setting earlier and we are enjoying the flavors of fall there are a few things to check in on before the celebrations of fall and winter begin. 


Halloween is the first holiday where we welcome neighbors and friends to our front door (or uninvited guests who sneak up with treats for a good old-fashioned ghosting). Are we ready to receive them? If your answers to the following are no, now is a good time to get busy tackling the bottom of the priority list.


Is the path to your front door well-lit and open? If not, you can consider adding flood lighting on sensors, well-placed solar lighting to add some warmth to the path or outdoor lighting both at the front door and along walkways.


Does your doorbell work? It seems one of the most common things that homeowners accept as part of owning an older home, but is one of the easiest fixes around. One solution are the many wireless choices available including those camera options. There is also the traditional door knocker, but then take the time to remove the old doorbell button to avoid confusion over how to alert you someone is at the door.


Is the door you want people to go to obvious? Many homes in the Newton Wellesley area have dual front doors that date back to the service entrance and the main entrance. Most of us use the first door we come to but if you want to welcome people at a specific door, make a splash with light or decoration.


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