I’ll never forget working on one of my earlier addition projects in the 90’s; back when I was the GM, designer, project lead, carpenter’s helper and chief trash picker upper.


A customer’s 10-year-old daughter was there every morning on her way out to school and would discuss her excitement about the new family room and how the new bedroom was going to provide extra space for her and her siblings. She mentioned more than once she wanted to make us breakfast. Her mom told me that she could make pancakes and that once she put her mind to something, we could expect to see it happen.


It was Martin Luther King Day so that morning which meant no school for the daughter. I usually arrived early around 6:30am back then to prep for the day. The door opened and there was the young lady, proud to announce that breakfast was almost ready! As the other carpenters arrived they were invited in just as I had been to treated to this family-style breakfast. A little before 7am, the client appeared in the kitchen to find the three of us eating pancakes along with a very proud chef. We don’t expect to be treated to breakfast, but I learned a very important lesson from that young lady- we would be part of their family long after the project punch list had been completed.


If you have experienced #wieseinthehouse you hopefully have had the chance to see firsthand the fun we are having while delivering quality work along with a positive service experience. We want our hashtag to represent what having our team involved in your project delivers. It ensures trusted and experienced designers, project managers and craftspeople working closely with families to help improve their lifestyle and future life events in their home. And we do this; designing, constructing and taking care of your family all under one roof- yours!  #wieseinthehouse starts with a conversation to understand everything that is important to you and your family from helping create a plan right to the selection of that perfect light fixture. It is having a committed project lead carpenter, who everyone can rely on from start to finish, for construction and anything else that pops up along the way.


While it isn’t uncommon to be the second or third contractor to work on a home, our goal is to be the last resource our customers will ever need because we are different; easier than expected, great at what we do and offer great service.


Here are some frames from our #wieseinthehouse on Instagram. If you don’t follow us, maybe you’d like to!


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