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Customizing for each client is what makes the process of design so personal in each project we do...


we can help clients find the right resources to achieve whatever the desired end-goal is because it is so important to try and get the precise look someone wants into their home. Sometimes the client is looking for more information from us, and sometimes we work with folks who have a very good idea of the direction they want to go. We are currently working with a repeat client who has a remarkable eye for design, so this time is no different than the last couple of projects we've worked on together;  we are working “outside the box” and discovering materials we have not yet installed in a home.


This time we’ll repurpose their game room into a lounge space; where conversation with the family will replace ping pong. The adjacent media room with its dark charcoal walls will become a mini stadium style area with versatile seating to interact with the lounge when it isn’t just being used for the latest action adventure showing. A new modern fireplace will be wrapped in the form of a unique wood burning technique known as chou sugi ban. This ancient Japanese process involves strategically burning the surface of the wood plank to achieve a char which gives it a gray/black color… (or charcoal) that will tie the spaces together with a touch of texture to boot. 


An amazing color pop for the small bar in one corner of the space will be Benjamin Moore’s “Autumn Purple” painted in high gloss by the cabinet maker. The sample door color is an example of the customization available to us from our cabinetmakers that allows clients to get exactly what they are looking for.


Stay tuned for the final selections and reveal of this new family hangout with a sophisticated side.


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