Your Kitchen's Wardrobe Change

While the is world feeling stagnant, spring presses on; and moves us forward with longer days and the sun that will inevitably come out…tomorrow.

If not, we should just keep singing that tune and waiting for blue skies! Until then, you can begin preparing your kitchen for the months ahead. It isn’t easy to get excited when it comes to moving the kitchen around for the various seasons, the way we do with our winter and summer wardrobes. Despite it making perfect sense that we will not be touching the Dutch oven as often as we reach for the big bowl for watermelon slices. Here are some tips for things to thinking about moving around to make your kitchen is “spring ready.”
·      Yes, move those heavy cast iron pots to the back and move the bowls for entertaining to the front. Let’s be optimistic about entertaining… even the introverts are ready!
·      Maybe the Cuisinart mixer flips spots with the blender if you are more like to make a summer drink than slice and dice vegetables.
·      You can leave the KitchenAid mixer in place for whipping up pie dough and cookies.
·      Your spice drawer can use a shake up too, the caraway seeds and cinnamon sticks, as well as all the herbs you will likely be picking fresh from pots will be used less as summer seasonings so pull some new flavors to the front.
·      Move trays for entertaining to a more central location where you can pull them out easily. This might mean some more shifts in your pots and pans area for pieces you will use less often because grilling takes center stage.
Here is to Key Lime pie, and mint in a cucumber martini!


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