Remodeling's Value Proposition

Our new way of life is proving challenging for many families we talk to. Limited space, a full house of parents working, kids schooling and pets wanting out!


It is a paradigm shift of epic proportions. Many wished this change would come, eliminating long commutes and allowing for more family time, but there is a limit to how much a home can flex without considering remodeling.


We are in the business of looking at space and making it more efficient through creative and practical restructuring. There are available spaces that are likely on the list for many families to remodel or make use of and now might be just the time. Basements, screened porches, and attics are the first to consider.


If those spaces are already being utilized and you are in need of more space or new space we have written a few blog articles that might be useful in considering your next renovation. Whatever your need is we can ensure that the cost of remodeling will add value to your home now and in the future.


Designing with a Plan Matters points out the need for having a master plan in order to ensure thinking of your home’s future renovation holistically instead of in silos.

Master Suite Addition Going Up reveals how a client came to the decision to create a master suite addition in their Newton cape.

Open-Concept Kitchen Welcomes Everyone In…and Through speaks to a busy family’s solution to their kitchen and gathering area.




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